The Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) provides a safe and easily accessible solution to managing wet stock, and providing accurate estimates of both fuel and water levels. However, many enterprises continue relying on the cheaper, yet outdated, Dip Stick to measure and track their fuel levels.

But consider the importance of accuracy, safety and accessibility. How does the Dip Stick measure up against an ATG?

EMS - Driving Fuel IQ 2017

Discover whether an ATG or a dip stick is most effective when compared against:

Driving Fuel IQ

Automatic Tank Gauge 
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For years, fuel enterprises have been debating which method is the most reliable and cost-effective for managing tanks






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Environmental Monitoring Solutions Pty Ltd (EMS) has 25 years experience specialising in Wetstock Management and Forecourt Automation (Automatic Tank Gauging). 

Discover how EMS fuel solutions can benefit your enterprise. Read our free comparison brochure on the advantages of ATG systems and how they can improve your wet stock management. 

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